Royal Arabian computers provide support for all type IT solutions. We can remotely assist faults on your computer and / or network. Do you need any IT Service needed please contact us click here => Support and fill the form we will contact you shortly 

For CCTV Networking support please contact us directly Call us: 055-8460603, 050-4394106

General service
ICT environments support more often and more business critical processes. The availability and reliability of your IT environment is becoming ever more important. A qualitative, structural management is therefore essential. RNC can manage a portion of your overall IT environment. In advance, we determine together with the intensity and content management services and establish the desired level of service established in the Service Agreement. Management takes place from our (remote) support department and / or at your location.

Service Desk Remote / On-Site Management
We have qualified staff that are able to bring any problems and correct map and find a solution to offer. This can be done by means of telephone support, but also to provide a solution to your location. We can support or completely take over the support within and to your organization. You sign a contract that clearly required accessibility and responsiveness is guaranteed. When the problem by phone or remote can not be resolved, our team of certified engineers is ready to perform. Repairs at your location (onsite).

We provide support for all IT support for customers

  • Provides technical support to our customers, these functions include installation, programming, operation, service and troubleshooting for IP Video products produced or supported by Bosch Security Systems, Inc.
  • Resolves complex technical problems.
  • Provides assistance in the design and equipment identification for customer security system requirements.
  • Provides technical phone support to our customer base.
  • Analyzes and solves product or system related problems in regard to installation, programming, operation, service and/or troubleshooting.
  • Diagnose inoperability issues, product limitations and equipment problems.
  • Provide information or workarounds to resolve these issues.
  • Identify and characterize product feature requests and/or product defects and forward to appropriate personnel.
  • Analyze current and/or proposed customer hardware and/or software system components.
  • Review, evaluate and recommend solutions for IP Video system issues.