Royal Arabian – Advanced Technologies

IT Company based in Abu Dhabi in UAE provides its services to clients spanning Arabian Gulf Region and maintains a portfolio of highly skilled professionals. We guarantee our customers with the most advanced, cost effective and tailor made solutions.

The Company endeavors to ensure that the customer is provided with low risk, cost effective solutions.

structured cable and fiber cable management






Workstations & Outlets • Patch Panels & Cross Connect • Cords & Cable Assemblies • Racks & Cable Management • Fiber Optic System • Modular Connectors …
1-IT solutions which includes Cabling , telephone systems ( IP based and Traditional), networking and cabling solutions and smart office solutions
2-Audio & Video Solution which includes Video and Audio Conferencing Solutions, Boardroom and Meeting Room applications, Public Address & Back Ground Music Systems, Sound System for Critical Listening Environments such as Auditorium, Stadium, Mosque, Church, Classrooms, etc.

Wi-Fi Solution

WiFi uses unlicensed radio spectrum and does not require regulatory approval for individual deployers.

It allows local area networks(LANs) to be setup with cabling. The can reduce associated costs of network connection and expansions. Places where cables cannot be run, such as outdoor areas and historical buildings can use wireless LANs.
WiFi products are extensively available in the market. There are different brands of access points and user’s network interfaces are able to inter-operate at a very basic service level.
Prices are considerably lower as competition amongst vendors’ increases.
WiFi networks can support roaming. This allows mobile users with laptop computer to be able to move from one access point to another.Numerous access points and network interfaces support various degrees of encryption to protect traffic from interception.

WiFi has a set of global standards. Not like the cellular carriers, the same WiFi users can work in different countries around the world at all time.

Longrange Wi-Fi is used for low-cost, unregulated point-to-point computer network connections, as an alternative to other fixed wireless, cellular networks

Security IP Cameras

ip_camRoyal Arabian Computers offers a wide portfolio of products for professional IP video surveillance. Our security cameras, video encoders, accessories and access control products are based on open industry standards. Any of us are looking to protect our business and homes and looking for a cost effective solution to protect our property while we are gone, by alerting us when someone enters an area they shouldn’t, to capture images of events that take place while we are away, to give us a view of what is going on when we can’t be there, to keep an eye on pets, children, the elderly.