Integration of top-notch business software application is Royal Arabian Computers forte. The company realized very early that the changing times demand ‘Smart Thinking and Intelligent Actions’ and began to follow this approach moving into the development of path-breaking  software solutions to change the direction of businesses. Royal Arabian Computers offers business software solutions that help organizations record micro information with ease.

Royal Arabian Computers software division is focused on integrating applications with the existing ERP system of customers to seamlessly monitor staff performance, track telephone usage by the employees, staff login and log-off times, employee details, finances and more in a user-friendly manner. Royal Arabian Computers sincerely works towards improving and uplifting the existing business work process of customers. This mission is fully backed by the highly talented and professional team of engineers and designers who understand the core intentions behind this mission.

Prominent clients of Royal Arabian Computers include Jotun Paints, Burger King, Dubai First, Redha Al Ansari Exchange, Abu Dhabi Country Club among others.

 Available software solutions

  • Microsoft CRM
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Call Billing Software
  • HRMS – Human Resource Management System
  • Time Attendance Management Software