Your IT Partner!

We provide both computer Hardware/Software products and services to make them useful to any size of business. We are especially focused on providing the latest advances in Information Technology at a competitive price while maintaining the highest level of customer service.

IT functions have seen server estates escalate rapidly, with each new application residing on a new piece of hardware. Data Centres are saturated with environments adopting this traditional approach.

Creative methods are required to obtain an IT business ideal, whilst maintaining service levels and working within budgetary constraints. And with growing data and shrinking budgets, guaranteeing datacenter performance is becoming increasingly difficult.

Royal Arabian helps its customers stay ahead of the game, running the latest applications on the most energy efficient hardware to underpin business operations for less cost. We grant affordable access to scalable processing and business agility, providing a best-of-breed server platform that scales to meet the specific and changing technology and financial challenges.

Our hosting facilities allow customers to house core business applications on dedicated servers benefiting from the levels security, performance and availability whilst reaping the green benefits of shared power.

Enterprise-class proactive management and monitoring tools provide the aggressive SLAs you’d expect. And whether you are looking for a full or multiple server racks, we offer a flexible solution to meet your business needs